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Everything About You Chords

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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 11:11:54 +0200
From: Rok Osojnik 
Subject: p/poltz_steve/everything_about_you.crd

Everything About You

Artist: Steve Poltz
Taken from: One Left Shoe album
Transcribed by: Rok Osojnik (rok.osojnik@siol.net)

Song is played in standard tuning.
I love everything about this song because it's beautiful and also simple to play. Here it goes...

Chords used:
G  320033	
D  XX0232
C  X32010

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/poltz_steve/everything_about_you_crd.html ]
In verse play riff while singing, in chorus use chords and add some fingering for harmonics (listen to the song for details)

Intro: Riff x2

Verse 1:
I love everything about you
I love the way you comb your hair
I love the way you sachet in the room
Your perfume lingers in the air

              G      D
I love everything
       G      D
about you, 
             G     D
whoa, about you,

Verse 2:
I love the way you lick your lips dear
You got fireworks in your head
And I love the way you bring me water
When I'm thirsty in your bed


G           D               C
  You were surely kissed by angels
G               D               C
  Look at the freckles on your face
G              D            C
  You got the devil in your eyes
G              D            C
  You disappear without a trace

Solo: guitar & violin

Verse 3:
I love sneaking up behind you
When you're looking in the mirror
The way your eyes lock into mine, dear
Without guilt and without fear


If you have any corrections, comments, opinions or problems, then feel free to email me at rok.osojnik@siol.net