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Hey Sandy Chords


D A E E A 

A          D   F# E A           D    F#    E 
Hey Smilin Strange, You lookin' Happily deranged
A                 D         F#   E
Can you settle to shoot me? (Lost lyric)
   A        D           F#     E
Or Have you picked your target yet?

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           D  A  E   A
Hey sandy [Ay ay ay]
                     D  E  A          A
Don't you talk back [ay ay ay] Hey Sandy

Verse 2:
A            D   F#  E
 Four Feet away,
A      D             F#         E
End of Speech is the end of the day
A            D      F#    E
we was only funnin'
    A     D                F#      E
But guiltily I thought you had it comin'