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By Heart Chords

Point of Grace Ė By Heart

Key: C

Your shining light
        G           Am
Has changed my life
Itís like Iíve found my way home
I know youíre near
Hear you loud and clear
         Am                  F
I could live on this feeling alone
Dm                      G             Am
Everywhere I go you are right there beside me
F                    G
Anytime of night or day
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Em           F     G
Your name is on my lips
Your love I canít resist
           F                    G
Got to be with you wherever you are
            Em  F
I want you memorized
          G             Am
So when I close my eyes
    F                G
All I have to do, is keep loving you
         Em  F  Am  G
By heart

I donít have to see
        G          Am
For you to believe
That youíre not going away
I know that youíll be
Watching over me
            Am                       F
Youíre the shelter thatís keeping me safe
I know your arms they can
G             Am
Reach out to hold me
F                         G
Even when Iím feeling alone

(repeat chorus)

F      G
Comes naturally
Em             Am
Like every breath I breathe
F        G
Donít have to think
Em              Am
Its second nature to me
F         G
I close my eyes
Em                Am
And you are there with me
You know me you see me
You hear me
You hear me

(repeat Chorus)