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Tombstone Chords

***TOMBSTONE - by Jem Finer
from the album "Peace And Love"

Tombstone - as perfomed by The Pogues

Intro Am - G Am
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Am                     G
The night is dark, the moon is full
Am         G         Am
Across the blood red plain
Every step and every breath
Am               G
Brings me nearer home
Em                   Am
The spirits watch me on my way
     Em             Am
They whisper on the wind
And when the dawn lights up the sky
     Am     G    Am
I'll see my land again

Instramental break - F Am F Am G

A hot wind blows the scrub and dust
across the barren land
Trees stand bare like skeletons
The mountains all torn down
The water holes are dry as bones
No birds are singing now
And faraway a city stands
Tombstones against the sky - 4x

Instramental part again
Am - G - Am  3x