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From: etxjrun@etxb.eua.ericsson.se Jan Runesson
Subject: CRD: The Pogues - Sally McLennane


      D                             G                D
Well Jimmy played harmonica in the pub where I was born
      D                                   G             A
He played it from the night-time to the peaceful early morn
      G                              D                A
He soothed souls of psychos and the men who had the horn
           D               G           A    D
and they all looked very happy in the morning


Now Jimmy didn't like his place in this world of ours
Where the elephant man broke strong men's necks when he'd had too many powers
So sad to see the grieving of the people he was leaving
And he took the road from nowhere in the morning

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     D                  G             D
We walked him to the station in the rain
     D                G              A
We kissed him as we put him on the train
        G           D                  G
And we sang him a song of times long gone
            D                A            D   A
though we knew that we'd be seeing him again
Sad to say I must be on my way
     G               D                  A
so buy me beer and whiskey 'cause I'm going far away
I'd like to think I'll be returning when I can
           G             D             A       D
to the greatest little boozer and to Sally McLennane


The years passed by the times had changed Igrew to be a man
I learned to love the virtues of sweet Sally McLennane
I took the jeers and drank the beers and I crawled back home at dawn
And ended up a barman in the morning


I played the pump and took the hump and watered whiskey down
I talked of whores and horses to the men who drank the brown
I heard them say that Jimmy's making money far away
Some people left for heaven without warning



When Jimmy came back home he was surprised that they where gone
He asked me all the details of the train that they went on
Some people they arescared to croak but Jimmy drank until he choked
And took the road for heaven in the morning