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Modern World Chords

***MODERN WORLD - by Darryl Hunt
from the album "Waiting For Herb"

Modern World - as perfomed by The Pogues

Intro: Arabic Riff
B (if anyone wants to tab out the actual notes, go for it!)

Mary's selling flowers
On a stall in EC1
  E                                    B
Tonight she'll be out looking for some fun
Her mate Gerry's in the basement
He hasn't got a home
    E                                        B
But prides himself that he's got most things done

Meanwhile I'm up on the roof
        E              B
Waiting for the sun to shine
I haven't got an excuse
        E                 F#
So I'll just keep my head down
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David's in the city
He's just made a deal
And the boys they want to take his trousers down
So they buy some little pills
Which will make poor David ill
And the find themselves in some club downtown

Meanwhile I got off the roof
'Cos the rain keeps pouring down
And I haven't got a clue
Why there's faith in all these clowns

B           E      F#    E
This is the modern world...
B           E      F#    E
This is the modern world

Arabic riff

Jim and Jane hit the grapevine
'Cos they're looking for a party
A secret number knows where it can be found
So they pick up Pete and Sheila
And they head down the M40
But someone said they closed the country down

Meanwhile I've locked myself in the kitchen
Waiting for the storm to pass
And if there's too much damage
I think I'll get the fuck out fast

This is the modern world