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Limerick Rake Chords

***The Limerick Rake
from the 7" and 12" version of Yeah Yeah Yeah.

An alternative to the chords is substituting C#m with Am
and B with G using a capo in the fourth fret

The Limerick Rake - as perfomed by The Pogues

I am a young fellow that's easy and bold,
In Castletown Conners I'm very well known;
In Newcastle West I spent many a note
     B                   C#m
With Kitty and Jenny and Mary.
My parents rebuked me for being such a rake
    C#m                      B
And spending my time in such frolicsome ways,
But I ne've could forget the good nature of Jane,
     B                 C#m
Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se.
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There's some say I'm foolish, there's more say I'm wise,
For love of the women I'm sure 'tis no crime;
For the son of King David had ten thousand wives
And his wisdom is highly recorded.

If I chance for to go to the town of Rathkeel,
The girls all around me do flock on the square,
Some give me a bottle and others sweetcakes,
To treat me unknown to their parents,
There's one from Askeaton and one from the Pyke,
And another from Ardour, my heart was beguiled,
And being from the mountains, her stockings were white,
Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se.

John Damer of Shronel had plenty of gold
And Devonshire's treasure was twenty times more,
But he's laid on his back among nettles and stones,
Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se.

And when I'm on my back and I'm laid to rest
The women will crowd for to cry at my wake,
And their sons and their daughters will utter their prayers
To the Lord for the sake of their father.