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Everyman Is A King Chords

            Everyman is a King - The Pogues 

Fine song. You can find out the melody out yourself. Here´s my shot at the chords. 


    G                         D            G
In search of a good life the Pilgrims set sail
      C                              G                  D
Then all through the new land they blazed their brave trails
     C                        G            D
The iron horse speeding down freshly laid rails
          G         C           Am
Brought settlers determined to prosper
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 G                     D                 G     
From the far corners they made it their home
      C                     G           D
The ities and germans, the paddies the poles
       C                      G            D
Goin' down in the dirt comin' up with the gold
           G             C               Am 
Like Bill Fuller, the Kennedys and the Corleones


C                      G
Life is so good in the US of A
C                       G    D
Live out you dreams in Amerikay
     G             C             G           D
If you've gut the guts and the bucks, it is said
 G              C          D     G
Every man is a king in the US of A
G              C       D     Em
Every man is a king in Amerikay

(Pretty simple, same pattern throughout the whole song)