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Thinking About Forever Chords

Intro : [Am][G][Fm]x2

Time[Am]goes by,
And[G]God knows i try,
To carry[Fm]on with life,
De[G]cide not to hide the feelings inside,
Even th[Am]ough they hurt some[G]times,
I still forget to remember you,
[Fm]It's easy too[G],
Lock away these pains don't wanna re[Am]live it through,
But i[G]stand strong,
You thought me how to move on in this[Fm]world,
I married my[G]sweetherat,
Even got a little baby girl,
[Am]I wish you cou[G]ld see her,
I swear she looks just like you,
[Fm]If you can hear[G]me,
Show me a sign,
Please send a butterfly or two.

[Am]I'm thinking about fore[G]ver, missing[Fm]you,
[Am]I know you're so much bet[G]ter, we made it[Fm]through.
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[Am]Now i know what it[G]means to live with someone else,
[Fm]To give up your[G]self,
[Am]Things that change[G]their times you caught it strange,
Your[Fm]love remains the[G]same,
[Am]Do i make you[G]proud?
Mama can't you see me now?
[Fm]Whatever's good at[G]me,
It's because you showed me how,
[Am]To take, love by[G]the hand,
As so now i can,
[Fm]Share you with my baby so[G]that she can understand.


(Actually i don't know the solo, so i hope you pplz can figure it out....)


[AmI'm thinking about fore[G]ver, miss[Fm]ing you,
[Am]I'm tripping on what[G]ever, hea[Fm]ring you.

And finish the music with this.....


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If you wanna say this chord stinks like a warthog, i don't mind, i like it if you
pplz say it is good. So.....