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Restrain Tab

Writer: Timothy B. Schmit
Album: Good Feelin' to Know
Release date: November 25, 1972
Guitar Player: Paul Cotton, Richie Furay
Label: Epic Records

                                 G D
E|-------0-|--------|---------| -3-2 |
B|---0-3---|-3------|--1-3-1--| -3-3 |  
G|---------|---4s2-0|---------| -0-2 |     x 3          G  D Em
D|---------|--------|--2-4-2--| -0-0 |
A|---------|--------|0--------| -2-0 |
E|-0---0---|0--0----|---------| -3-X |

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       Am            Em       F                 C
Get on down off your ladder, come out from the rain
G          C               G   D     C 
Can't you see that there's no one to blame?
Am          Em                 F                   C
I got that feelin' that we're playin' the same old game
G              D                     F             Em
You better get on the run 'cause you know it's no fun
Em                G D Em
Restrain yourself

Can you tell me is it for certain or does it depend
Upon a feelin' that refuses to bend?
Victim of circumstance you'll say to the end
And you pay no mind you just watch it pass by

Restrain yourself
Till you can't restrain no more

i dont this part here.  sorry,

Bm       Am         C         G
Can you tell me why is it you sigh?
Bm    Am           G        Em
Is it because of a need you deny?

So come on up and deliver what you really know
Maybe discover what it feels like to grow

But you're just a mirror
Reflecting a show
Quiet on the scene now
Come out and take a bow

Don't restrain yourself
Restrain yourself
Till you can't restrain no more
Till you can't restrain no more
Em Am

Restrain no more
Restrain no more
No more
No more

This is my first tab.

By: Britpopliveson,   Dave