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Oh Yeah

D#                   G#			      D#
Bein' at most just a country boy innocent and all
                   G#		         	         D#
I turned my face away from the farm, on the city I would call
Cm					     F
Hey, what's doin' in the town of fortune and fame?
D#7    					      F#  Bbm  D#m  C#
Bright lights a-glowin', I've come to make my name
D#                  G#			          D
You see I've got my ol' guitar, I'm not a beggin' fool
                       G#			         D
I play this town and a thousand more God knows I keep my cool
Cm					    F
So what's a missin'? I've given my word the best
D#7    					                F#     D#7  F#
And I'm downright grateful, for Oh Yeah, my life's been blessed
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B      F#    
My my, can't you see the warnin'
         B                             F# 
When the fires burn in hell you better pay
B            F#
Oh Yeah it's gonna get you in the mornin'
           B                     F#    Bbm  D#m  C#   F#
Now's your chance you better get away

Stayed awake 'most all last night, just couldn't get to sleep
So many things sittin' on my brain, yes, I need a chance to think
But I've been told not to worry, everything's gonna be all right
Oh, mama, won't you tell me, why did I leave that night?

Seems like it's been ages ago now since I come to town
Ain't much changed, every face is the same, oh, people just a-hangin' round
So I'm a-leavin' this mornin', gonna go back home today
And let me tell you, buddy, turn around if you're fixin' to stay
You better go on back today

Chorus 2X

by: Josť Duarte