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My Kind Of Love Chords

My Kind of Love

Intro: C#  G#  C#  G#

There you go again and again babe              
It started with the things that just wouldnít end
Donít know why we canít get along
When we first started out nothing ever went wrong
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D#m	    G#				C# 
I love to hear your voice but your choice of words just close my mind.
D#m         G#              D#m 
And Iím not fooling cause I donít believe in what you see
      B             G# 
And involving me in all of you screaminí 

You say my kind of love isnít able to return
And what you doiní now ainít about hurting
Cause youíre driving me mad with your nagging ways
And in my kind of love that ainít what plays


It was on my mind both night and day
And you better listen now to what Iíve got to say
Cause I now our love is much too good
To be broke up by something misunderstood 


by: Josť Duarte