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Make Me A Smile Chords

Make Me A Smile
Intro:  C#7  B  C#7  B  F#  B

C#                  B
Maybe someday I can trade you a smile
C#             B                 A
Makin' love, a dream that's worthwhile
     E                        B
I've been watchin' you like a mother and child
F#                   B
What you're feelin', oh
F#                   E         F#
What you're feelin', make me a smile
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Yellow ribbons stream through your hair
Such a feelin', now, don't leave me there
You make it so hard for me not to stare
What you're feelin', oh
What you're feelin', Please make me aware

G#m                   F# 
Lover, come on, I can see suddenly
C#m                    E          F#
Changes in you, you're smilin' at me
G#m           F#
Lover, belong only to me
  C#m                      E         F#   Intro
Arrange your sweet tune to make harmony

Repeat first verse

by: Josť Duarte