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Krikkits Songpassing Through Chords

Krikkit's Song(Passing Through)

F#m     B         E             A
Passing through I bring love to you
F#m    B        E    A
Let me see your smile
F#m                  B         E                          A
Though it seems so untrue, I'm standing right here beside you
F#m   G#m    C#   
Can I stay a while
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C#                            Bbm
I been too long feeling kinda low 
B          D#m    G#               C#
Help me to follow through from the start
 C#                                  Bbm
'Cause I can't seem to find a way to go
B        D#m            G#       Fm                  Bb 
Is it for me to know my mind n a place that holds no time
      D#m                 G#           C#
For a little while 'cause soon we must part


Firefly dance for you and I, and don't go
Leaving us hollow through from the start
'cause moonlight don't seem right when you're alone
Is it for you to know my mind with a hope that you might find
Me with you sometime, but soon we must part?


by: Josť Duarte