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Just For Me And You Chords

Just For Me And You
Intro: C#  G#  C#   D#

G#                C#
Wish that I could come
G#               C#
With the mornin' sun
G#                   Bbm
Shinin' through your window
C#             D# 
I could be the one
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G#              C#
To open up your day
     G#                  C#
Ooh, words can't begin to say
G#                Bbm
Feelings that are hidden in
C#                D#
In such a special way
            C#              G#    Intro
And they're just for me and you.

Nighttime comes searchin' blindly
Been needin' some lovin'
I find me followin' my heart back to you
mmmm, how it reminds me

That I need no other lover
This feelin' is like no other
And though I can't be with you now
Let this song be another
That's just for me and you.

So let my heart go on a-singin'
Let my song go on a-bringin'
To you lovin' that you know
Is in my heart and clingin'

To days that passed on by
Need we stop, though, to wonder why
You know I love you, baby
The tears in my eyes are
Just for me and you. Yes they are.

by: Josť Duarte