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I Guess You Made It Chords

I Guess You Made It
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D#              F#                 C#                G#     D# 
There you was a-standin' with your feelings hurt who was to blame? 
          F#                   C#               G#        D# 
Oh no, it can't be you, you're much too cool to scar your name.
C#            G#    C#               G#  
Ah, what you did to me when I needed you,
  C#            G#
A trick, then a smile; you hurt me;
F#                              C#  
When will you be through you're just thinking of you
Who's your next fool?

Don't look now but turn around and ask the mirror on the wall, 
Why is it that I made it here; You know I can't recall.
Don't be surprised if it just laughs back at you
For who could you kid when you know
You went to a rare school, you made up your own rules
You're the next fool

Verse 1

by: Josť Duarte