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Forever Chords

	 Forever - Plus One 

Tabbed by: 	Dave

Yeh you probably won't read this but, I did this because I couldn't find the tabs for this song
anywhere on the internet, and that was annoying, so I did it by ear. I absolutely love this song.
It's the song that reminds me of the girl who first introduced me to it.
She's a great girl this is dedicated to you. Btw this is my first tab. ^^

If there's anything wrong with it email me at
Also e-mail me if you want to put it on your site. Enjoy! :p

Standard Tuning: EADGBE

[The Main Riff] - [Continue this pattern throughout the song]

| h = Hammer On
| p = Pull Off

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G#	          E
I lost you in the darkness
B		  F#
When I fell from the light
G#	         E	    B    F#
I held on to the world too tight
G#		      E
I thought I'd never find you
B	        F#
Thought I'd be alone
G#	          E
But you took my hand and
B        F#	
led me home

E Eb	   C# Bb
.......Now I know
That you'll always be
Eb        C#
Where I go

G#  E	    F#   B  Bb
Forever is a long time
G#     E		F#    B
To be without you in my life
G#        E           F#      B
I wanna keep you by my side
G#      E	          F#  B 
'Cuz forever is a long time

G#  		        E
You have faith when I'm faithless
B	          F#
Strength when I don't
G#                E	      B         F#
You believe in me even when I won't
G#        E         B	        F#
You are patient, you are true
G#             E      B          F#
Your love is what gets me through

[Repeat Channel and Chorus]