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God Shaped Hole Chords

Intro- C G/D X4

C       G/D        C        G/D                  
  Every point of view has another angle
C             G/D   C     G/D  
  and every angle has its merit
  but it all comes down to faith
                  C   G/D   C   G/D
  that's the way i see it

C         G/D        C     G/D   
  You can say that love is not divine and
C          G/D       C         G/D
  you can say that life is not eternal
  "All we have is now"
                C  G/D  C  G/D
  but i don't believe it
[ Tab from: ]
              F                  G    A-  
  There's a God-shaped hole in all of us
            F                 G 
  and the restless soul is searching
             F                  G     A-
  there's a God-shaped hole in all of us
              F   D-7           C  G/D  C  G/D
  and it's a void that only he can fill

C           G/D         C        G/D  
  Does the world seem grey with emtpy longing
C           G/D   C        G/D    
  wearing every shade of cynical
  and do you ever feel
                           C  G/D  C  G/D
  that there is something missing?

      C               G/D     C   G/D  C  G/D
  That's my point of view...

Solo: D- E- A- X6

Chorus X2

  Only He can fill 

  Only He can fill

  That's my point of view

  That's my point of view, yeah X3

*The parts between the 2 asteriks i'm not sure where exactly to place the chords,
but it's all C & G/D throughout that whole part. Just kinda play along and fill it
in where you think it's best!!