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What Goes Around Chords

Legit song by Plug In Stereo. I know this isn't exactly right, but it's close 
enough to play around with. Enjoy! :)

Chords used:

G - 3x0033

C - x32010

Cadd9 - x20033

Em - 022000

Em7 - 022033

D - xx0232

Dsus4 - xx0233

Strumming pattern for intro & verses: d d d d u
Strumming pattern for chorus: d d u u d u 
Bridge is all down strokes. 

Intro: G Cadd9 x4


    G                    Cadd9
You call it half empty instead of half full
 G                                    Cadd9
I have no desire to fuel your fire but damn it's getting old 
       G         Cadd9
And you make sure that my day is worse than yours
  G                             Cadd9
If you think this is bad wait until the second verse

    G                    Cadd9
You could of been happy instead of so dull
   G                               Cadd9
You wish you could go back but you dug yourself a hole 
        G         Cadd9
And you always get up when I get down
         G                   C                      Em(once)  C(once)
Don't you know that what goes around comes around?

[ Tab from: ]
         G                 Em7
Yeah, you have fun now but in 2 years
              Cadd9                            D           Dsus4
I'll have the world in my hands you'll have the whole world to fear
So, if you wanna talk shit
I'd love to hear
    Cadd9              D(twice)
I'll use your words as fuel to get me out of here

Intro chords x2

         G                        Cadd9
You could use what I'm saying and maybe try to change, but
      G                                 Cadd9
You'll use this for attention and you'll soak up all the fame
So, I hope you like it
Have fun while it lasts
When your 15 minutes are up
I swear I'll have the last laugh

And now you have nothing
You could of had a lot
Your money don't mean a thing
'Cause happy can't be bought
So go ahead
Count up all your bills
Cause I'm fine with being broke
       Cadd9                    Em(once)   C(once)
I don't need to buy my thrills

----Repeat Chorus.----


   You talk a big game
  But you stay the same
 G                             D
  Why don't you love instead of hate?

I guess you'll never change
Em7             Cadd9
 And it's sad to say
    G(once)         D(once)
That you're just two-faced


         G(once)            Em7(once)
Yeah, you have fun now but in 2 years
           Cadd9(once)                   D(once)
I'll be the one with the laughs and you'll have the tears
If you wanna talk shit
I'd love to hear
    Cadd9(once)        D(once)
I'll use your words as fuel to get me out of here

End with G.