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Only You Chords

Artist: The Platters
Song: Only You
Tabbed by: John Leadman


   G  (320033)
   B7 (x21202)
   Em (022000)
   G7 (320001)
   C  (x32010)
   D7 (xx0212)
   E7 (020100)
   A7 (x02020)

        G                    B7
   Only you    can make this world seem right

        Em                  G               G7
   Only you    can make the darkness bright
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        C            D7        G         B7       Em    E7
   Only you and you alone, can thrill me like you do,

       A7                               D7
   and fill my heart with love for only you

        G                    B7
   Only you    can make this change in me

            Em                  G         G7
   For it's true     you are my destiny

            C               Cm             G     B7       Em
   When you hold my hand, I understand the magic that you do

   E7        C
   You're my dream come true

      D7               G
   My one and on-ly    you