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Rain Down Chords

Hi, here's a version of Rain Down which should be exactly what Planet Shakers used - or at least close.
A capo is put on the 1st fret and the tabs of the chords used are provided below.

(CAPO on 1ST)

	  Em7    D/F#    G     G/B   Csus7

Em7----D/F#---- G -----|C

[Verse 1]
Em7    D/F#          G/B       Csus7
  i am falling to my knees
Em7 D/F#          	   G         Csus7
  i need you , Lord , to breathe in me

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[Verse 2 :]
Em7    D/F#          G/B       Csus7
  my prayer is still the same
Em7   D/F#             G         Csus7
  my heart is calling out your name

[Pre Chorus]
D/F#     Em7                 Csus7
  sweet anointing fill this place
D/F#    Em7           Csus7      D/F#
  i am found in your embrace

  rain down on me
  rain down on me
               Em7            Csus7
  here in your Presence i am free
  pour down like rain
  come and touch me again
                Em7              Csus7     D/F#
  Lord let your Presence fall on me

[Verse 3]
Em7    D/F#            G/B       Csus7
  i am longing just to see
Em7    D/F#           G     Csus7
  your power and your majesty

[Pre Chorus]


[Bridge 1]
Em7     G
sweet anointing
Em7     G    Csus7 (Last time)
wash me over

G            D/F#
rain down on me
Em7          Csus7
rain down on me