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My Hope Chords

MY HOPE by Planetshakers

Intro: Bm C#m D G

D                             Bm
I lay down my life before You Lord
Stand here in wonder of Your Love
                       A                          D
Lord I live for You alone, Youíre worthy of all praise

D                          Bm
All of Heaven shouts Your Name
All the earth will bring You praise
                      A                           G           
With my life I honour You, Youíre worthy of all praise
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Pre Chorus:
G             A                    G              A
Youíre all I want ...Youíre all I need...My one desire

   A/D      D        G
My hope is found in You
             A/D     D        G
Everything I need is at Your feet
                  A/D       D   G
My life I lay it down, an offering
                   Em              A
Iím living for the glory of Your Name

Bm C#m D G Bm C#m G

           Bm    C#m 
Youíre all I need
             D     G  
Youíre all I need
            Bm  C#m   G
Youíre all I need, Jesus