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Good To Me Chords

Good to Me
Joth Hunt
G       D      A      Bm

Verse one:
G        D                  A  Bm
From the rising of the sun, to when it sets
G  D  A           Bm            A
I will give you praise
G      D            A       Bm
And in every circumstance, you are good
G   D      A         Bm     A
So I will give you praise

G       A                     Bm
I know, Iíve got nothing to fear
Your love, your love is holding me
G         A                    E
Ill give; Ill give you all of me

Bm                 G
You are so good to me
A                 Bm   G         A
With everything I am I give you praise
             Bm     G     A
Better than life to me
                            G                    E
With everything I am I give you praise

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Thank you Jesus;                you are faithful
Thank you Jesus;                your love is better than life

Bridge Riff in Drop D

Bridge Riff in Standard

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