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Deeper Chords

By Planetshakers

A Asus A Asus F#m7 D

          A        Asus            A         Asus
I want to know you,      I want to hear your voice
          A        Asus              D
I want to feel you,      More than before
          A         Asus            A        Asus
I want to touch you,     I want to see your face
           F#m7                D
I want you Jesus, More than before

Pre Chorus:
E       F#m7   D            A     E       
More of you    Jesus I want more, More of you my Lord
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        D      A                  E            D     
 F#m7           E
Take me deeper than I've been before,  Take me further God I long for more
        D      A                  E          F#m7    D
Take me Higher that I've been before,  Jesus I want more,
      F#m7    E
Jesus I need more

F#m7 D A E (2x)

        F#m7  D          A       E
More of you,     More of you Jesus
        F#m7  D          A       E
More of you, I need more of you      (2x)


This should be fairly accurate, well that's all God bless you all; To Christians looking 
this song,
use your capabilities to evangelize people, worship is one form of evangelism.