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Beautiful Saviour Chords

This is for the "Beautiful Saviour Acoustic Series Volume 1" version which has an 
added lyrics in the song.

Song   : Beautiful Saviour
Artist : Planetshakers
Album  : Beautiful Saviour Acoustic Series Volume 1
Key    : G
Tuning : EADGBe

C Am Em 

Verse 1
G        D      Em
Jesus, beautiful Saviour
D          C
God of all Majesty
G      Am          G
Risen King Lamb of God
D    Em
Holy and righteous
D       C
Blessed redeemer
G            Am
Bright morning star
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            D    G        C
All the Heavens shout your praise
      D      G       C       D
All creation bows to worship you

      G     D     Em
How wonderful, how beautiful
D           C          G Am      Em D
Name above every name, exalted high
      G     D     Em
How wonderful, how beautiful
D          C  Am            C  Em   D         C Am Em
Jesus Your name, name above every name Jesus

Bridge 1
C         Am        Em           D
Saviour, Redeemer, You are God, you are God

Bridge 2
G            D Em
I will sing forever
D          C
Jesus I love You
           Am  D
Jesus I love You