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Penitence - Planes Mistaken for Stars

(Tuned Whole Step Down)

Only 3 "chords" played throughout the whole song.
During the slow parts, play them slowly at the steady pace of the song.
During the chorus, play the chords faster, keeping the same rhythm.

   #1     #2     #3     #2

*Strum through the pattern twice*

Oh, I'm getting worse at this. 
Charmed by honey and lies,
truth is I've sprung a trap
of my own design. 
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I rape all I am given,
I covet what isn't mine,
I'm begging for one more hour,
I've wasted too much time.

Be not afraid. x8

Father, you are forgiven.
Mother, you are not but loved.
Brutha just keep livin',
please try to rise above.

And love her above all others,
and to the angels you've held inside,
never forget I love you all,
never forget I tried.

Be not afraid. x8

And if I had my way,
I swear I'd haunt this place,
I'd tear the skin from your back,
I'd dance a jig on your bones.

Be not afraid  x3
you will never be alone

This is my first tab, and I hope you enjoy
playing this awesome song.
Have a great day!
- James