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Sick 2 Def Chords

Plan B - Sick 2 Def

this is a really easy song to play, just the two chords
any corrections,

intro: em, c (x2)
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real sick hearing these bricks talk shit
they get their throats slit cuz theyre talking to me like im thick
and im real tired of all these bullshit guys
they best go hide cuz im looking for them on the slide
had it up to here, up to here, might have to do it
reservoir dogs style, slice off the ear
c (hold)
cuz ive had enough of acting tough, trying to get
c                          c      c
rough when its obvious they aint rough enough

just repeat like this, em then c, for the whole song

towards the end it gets a lot quieter and slower strumming, but the last line is a quick strumming on the c