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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 09:06:54 -0800
From: PMosinsk@lmumail.lmu.edu (Peter Mosinskis)
Subject: TAB:  The Dancer by P.J. Harvey
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     by:  P.J. Harvey
     as performed on the Island release "To Bring You My Love"
     submitted Dec. 18, 1995
     From:  Peter Mosinskis -- pmosinsk@lmumail.lmu.edu
     I only know the basic riff, and if I remember correctly, it runs 
     throughout the song  (might be in a different key though, no me 
     Maybe there's something I'm missing, I don't know...I know one guitar 
     plays this part with awful fast strumming.
     Drum roll, please...and now, the three chords...
     Am                 Dm               E7     
     He came riding fast like a phoenix out of fire flames
     Am                 Dm                       E7     
     He came dressed in black with a cross bearing my name
     Am                 Dm                 E7   
     He came bathed in light and the splendor and glory
     Am                 Dm               E7     
     I can't believe what the lord has finally sent me
     He said dance for me, fanciulla gentil
     He said laugh a while, i can make your heart feel
     He said fly with me, touch the face of the true god
     And then cry with joy at the depth of my love
     Cause i've prayed days, i've prayed nights
     For the lord just to send me home some sign
     I've looked long, i've looked far
     To bring peace to my black and empty heart
     My love will stay till the river bed run dry
     And my love lasts long as the sunshine blue sky
     I love him longer as each damn day goes
     The man is gone and heaven only knows
     Cause i've cried days.  I've cried nights
     For the lord just to send me up some sign
     Is he near? Is he far?
     Bring peace to my black and empty heart
     So long day.  So long night
     Good lord, be near me tonight
     Is he near? Is he far?
     Bring peace to my black and empty heart
     Brought to you in part by the letters Q, W, and Peter Mosinskis