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Dear Darkness Chords

Dear Darkness

(Am) (F) (Am) (F)
(Dm) (Em) (C) (F)

(Am)Dear (F)darkness, (Am)Dear (F)darkness
Won't you (Dm)cover, (Em)cover (C)me a(F)gain
(Am)Dear (F)darkness, (Am)dear (F)
(Dm)I've been your (Em)friend for (C)many (F)years

Won't you (Am)do this (F)for me, (Am)dearest (F)darkness and
(Dm)cover (Em)me (C)from the (F)sound of the
(Am)Words (F)tightening, the (Am)words are (F)tightening
(Dm)Around my (Em)throat (C)and (F)and
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Around the (Dm)throat (C)of the (Am)one I (F)love
(Dm)Tightening (C)tightening (Am)tigh(F)tening
Around the (Dm)throat (C)of the (Am)one I (F)love
(Dm)Tightening (C)tightening (G)tigh(F)tening

(Am)Dear (F)darkness, (Am)dear (F)darkness
(Dm)Now it's your (Em)time to (C)look after (F)us
Cause we (Am)kept you (F)clothed, we (Am)kept you in (F)business
When (Dm)everyone (Em)else was (C)having good (F)luck

So (Dm)now it's your (C)time, (Am)time to (F)pay
To (Dm)pay (C)me and the (Am)one I (F)love
With the (Dm)worldly goods you've (Am)stashed a(F)way
With (Dm)all the (C)things you (G)took from (F)us
(Dm) (C) (G) (F)