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From: Heggie David 
Subject: CRD:C'Mon Billy by PJ Harvey
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 95 14:15:00 PST


by Polly Jean Harvey
Performed by PJ Harvey
from "To Bring You My Love" LP
Chords written out by David Heggie

Firstly, the song itself is fairly easy to play chord-wise -
there's no hard chords in it at all.  There's a fair amount of
muting of the strings, very like in her other song on the same
album, "Send His Love To Me". No amount of describing would tell
you how to play this - just listen to the record and play along -
 you'll get the hang of it.

The chords used & how to play them are :

     Am    C    Dm    Em e:---0-----0----1-----0-----  Notice how she plays the Am chord
B:---1-----1----3-----0-----  it's played this way (hammering on
G:---0h2---0----2-----0-----  the E and A notes) throughout the
D:---0h2---2----0-----2-----  verses.  Again, to make it
A:---0-----3----0-----2-----  clearer, listen to the record.

Here's how they fit into the Verse and Chorus :


Am           C   Am          C
  C'mon Billy,     Come to me
Am                    C       Dm   C   Dm C   Am
  You know I'm waiting,  I'll love you endlessly.
Am           C  Am                   C
  C'mon Billy,    you're the only one,
Am                          C       Dm  C    Dm C  Am
  Don't you think it's time now you met your on-ly son ?
Am          C   Am                C
  I remember      our lovers' play
Am                   C     Dm  C  Dm C   Am
  The corn was golden,  we lay in it for days
Am          C   Am                   C
  I remember      the things you said
Am               C         Dm C    Dm C     Dm
  My little Billy,    come to your lo-ver's bed

Dm          Am
  Come home,  is my plea
Em                Am
  Your home now is  here with me
Dm         Am
  Come home  to your son
  Tomorrow might never come
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C'mon Billy, you look good to me
How many nights now your child inside ohh - v.unsure about this!
Don't forget me, I had your son
Damn thing went crazy, but I swear you're the only one

[INSTRUMENTAL] for rest of verse

Then just repeat :

Am                C  Am          C
  Come along Billy,    Come to Me

Until the end of the song.
| David Heggie, SCOT, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh |
| EMail: HeggieD@scot.hw.ac.uk OR texdh@bonaly.hw.ac.uk |

From: JGresik@aol.com
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 23:09:01 -0500

(Polly Jean Harvey)
from the album To Bring You My Love

(Don't strum all the strings on the following chords although on some strokes
you will need to. It's not too hard once you get the feel of it.)
G4 -- 330003  
A4 -- 002200

Verse one:
G4  A4              G4                  
         C'mon Billy
A4               G4
  Come to me
A4                               G4
  You know I'm waiting
  A4                           G4
I love you endlessly
A4                G4
   C'mon Billy
A4                              G4
  You're the only one
A4                                           G4
   Don't you think it's time now
        A4                            G4
You met your only son

A4                  G4
   I remember
A4                    G4
   Lovers' play
A4                                     G4
   The corn was gold and
      A4                         G4
We lay in it for days
A4                    G4
      I remember
A4                                G4
   The things you said
A4                     G4
   My little Billy,
Come to your lover's bed

Verse two:
   Come home
   It's my plea
Dm                             C/A
   Your home now is here with me
   Come home
   To your son
Em7 (770007)
   Tommorrow might never come

Verse three (as verse one):
C'mon Billy
You look good to me
How many nights now?
Your child inside oh
Don't forget me
I had your son
Don't think we're crazy 
But I swear you're the only one

(Instr -- using chords from verse two)

G4  A4                                                  G4   X7
       Come along Billy now come to me   
A4                                    Am
Come along now come to      me

--- Matt (iaovertigo@aol.com)