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Wave Of Mutilation Chords

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	Here are the chords to this song:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pixies/wave_of_mutilation_crd.html ]
F           A              Bb       G7  Bb-A-G7-F
Ceased to resist, given my goodbyes
F        A            Bb    G7    Bb-A-G7-F
Drove my car into the ocean
F	      A               Bb    G7
You think I'm dead but I sail away
     F       A    Bb    F       A    Bb    F       A    Bb
On a wave of mutilation wave of mutilation wave of mutilation
F    Bb
F    Bb

If you're playing the U.K. Surf Mix, turn to a mellow reverby setting and play
all the chords.  On the _Doolittle_ version, the chords during the verse are
not played;  get a bass-playin' friend to play just the roots of the chords,
or have another guitarist fake it on the bottom strings.  [NOTE:  I'm just
talking about the chords that go on while Francis is singing-- the four-chord
runs at the end of each line of the verse should always be played.  If you've
heard the song you know what I'm talking about.]

The verse chords should all be played in an E-barre shape.  For the chorus,
play the F as before, but play the A open and the Bb as an A barred up one

I'll post the little opening line of this when I can get home and figure it
out, plus the rest of the words, plus some more songs from "Doolittle".

Jordan Ellenberg