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Princess In Rags Chords

Princess in Rags  

Intro: C  Bb  Am  G  Bb  C    C  F   C  F    

C                        C7
There's a girl who lives down the track
In a little shack made of timber wood
        G               F
And her clothes are all hand me downs
         Fsus4                   C            F  C  F              
From the folks in town who treat her so good

           C            C7
Though she hasn't got a dime
       F                    D
I'm so proud that she's all mine
        F          G           C
'Cos to me she's a princess in rags
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Now her dad he's a worn out man
Praying if he can make enough to eat
And her mum cleans for everyone
'Till the day is done just to makes ends meet

All her wealth is in her charms
And the sweetness of her arms
How I love my poor princess in rags

            F		    F7
I know some day I'll find a way
            C               C7
To take her out of this old place
     Am       Dm     Am        Dm 
I'll work and slave, skimp and save
   G                  G7 
To change her rags to silk and lace

Though it hurts and my body aches
From the pain it takes just to set things right
But for now I must be content
With each moment spent in her arms each night

She's the only girl for me
And some day it's gonna be
Just me and my and princess in rags (2x)

by: José Duarte