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Maria Elena Chords

Maria Elena 

Intro: Dm  F6  A7  

Dm                F              Bb  
There's a cottage in the village in the country
A7                 Dm    
I have learned to love
Dm                  F        
And every night the curfew rings 
    Bb                A7                 Dm
And people sing their prayers to heaven above

C                    F6       
In the cottage there lives a girl
      G          Bb       
Who's crying for she can see
C                  F6
Soldiers marching away to war
        G           Bb  A7   
They're fighting to be free
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D               A7		G
Maria Elena I'm going away to war
    F                C                G    G7  
I'm going to fight I may not be back again
D             A7   	 G
Maria Elena I love you forever more
       F                       C                G
Please say it's alright you'll stay by my side 'till dawn

I remember moonlit nights
And dancing in the streets 'till break of day
Yes I remember how it was
No one would separate us come what may

Like a dream it dissolves away
And morning will soon be here
Revolution has come our way
I'm warning you now dear

Chorus (2X fading on 2nd)

by: José Duarte