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Love My Life Away Chords

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                     "(I Wanna) Love My Life Away"
                             (Gene Pitney)



	G [N.C.]
	/  /  /  /


	[1,5: Yeah  2-4: 'Cause] I wanna
	  Love my life away, I wanna
	  Love my life away, I wanna
	Love, love, love
	 G       F              C    F
	Love my life away with you
	    C    [1,3-5: G ; 2: to bridge]

Verse 1:
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	             C              Am
	I want your huggin' in the morning
	F                  G
	 All your kissin' late at night
	              C                Am
	I want your sweet talk in the sunshine 
	     F                      G
	And holdin' my hand in the moonlight

[repeat chorus]


	Yes, we're gonna
	  Let the world and all of its troubles
	  Go right on a-spinning by
	We're gonna build one dream upon another
	  G  [N.C.]
	Clear up to the sky

[repeat chorus]

	I'll keep you warm in the winter
	Give you cool, cool kisses in the summertime
	Walk by your side in the autumn
	And in the spring, bells will chime

[repeat chorus; fade 2nd time]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers