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A Street Called Hope Chords

A Street Called Hope  

Intro:  Am  C   Am  C

Am       C         Em       G
I took a room in a house of gloom
F                 G       Am 
Somewhere I could hide my soul
                 C             Em      G
There I hoped to find a way to ease my mind
F                 G       Am
Couldn't face the gloom tomorrow
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  C             G        Am       F
I sat until the hours of three or four
Am               F        Am     
Thinking doesn't help but seems
  C                G               Am         F
I crept to bed and cried myself to sleep once more
Am                     E7
Then I had the wildest dream

 Am                       Dm         Am
(Street called Hope) in a town named Freedom
      Dm            G              C       E7 
Where each clock is pointed to the hour of love
       Am                        Dm       Am
Upon a street called Hope at the house of Welcome
Dm               Am         E7      Am
That's where she opened the door of love

When I awoke the following day
Every doubt had left my mind
My dream it taught me what the prophets say
Those who seek will always find

I ran down the stair and out in to the street
Looking for the nearest phone
We both said sorry and decided to meet
To find ourselves a happy home

Chorus (repeat and fade)

by: José Duarte