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Raise Your Glass Chords

This is Raise Your Glass by P!NK.
This is my first tab.
Thanks i guess :)
*CAPO 1ST OR 3RD* (personally i play first)

G            D   
right right, turn out the lights,
we gonna loose our minds tonight,
Em        D
whats the dealio?

(same with the rest of the verses)

G              D  
party crasher, penny snatcher,
call me up, if you are gangsta,
Em             D
dont be fancy, just get dancy,
why so serious?
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so raise your glass,
G                  D
if your are wrong, in all the right ways,
C      Em   D
all my underdogs, 
G                                    D
we will never be, never be any thing but loud,
C                        Em     D
and nitty, gritty, dirty little freaks,
G                           D     C    Em
so come on and, come on and raise your glass
G                        D     C    Em
come on and, come on and raise your glass!

G          D          C        
so if your too school for cool,
C             Em   D
and you treat like a fool,
G             D      C
you can learn to let it go,
C                            Em           D
we can always, we can always party on our own.