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Please Dont Leave Me Chords

i think this a 100% correct if I'm not I'm sorry this is just my way of playing 
it, but i hope it can help anybody who's trying to learn this song

Standard tunning

DA,DA x18

 intro: A string strum on 3rd fret then D String 3rd fret then 2nd fret real fast 
(Listen for rhythm)x2


Verse 1:
C                                    G
I don't know if i can yell any louder how many times have i kicked you out of 
Am                        F           C
here? or said something insulting.
                                  G                               Am       
i can be so mean when i want to be i am capable of really anything i can cut 
you into pieces but my heart is broken.
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C    G         Am     F                 C    G        Am   
Please don't leave me,Da,Da,Da,Da,Da,Da please don't leave me 
F                    C             G
Da,Da,Da,Da,Da.Da i always say how i don't need 
            Am            F                      C    G             Am      F
you but its always gonna come right back to this please don't leave me.

Verse 2:
C                             G                                         Am     
how did i become so obnoxious? what is with you that makes me act like this 
                        F            C
i've never been this nasty.
cant you tell that this is all just a contest the one that wins will be the 
                         Am                      F(hold)
one that hits the hardest but baby i dont mean it i mean it i promise

Chorus: x1  

G                            D                           G
i forgot to say aloud how beautiful you really are to me i cant be without 
         D                                  F(hold)     (One strum) C              
your my perfect little punching bag and i need you i'm sorry.
(1 strum fro all)G,Am,F

(palm mute)
C    G      Am      F   (Chorus with open chords)
Please don't leave me