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God Is A DJ Chords

Pink - God is a DJ -

intro & verse

G =              3x000x  
Fsus2/G=         3x301x
C/G =            3x201x
Cm/G or F9/G=    3x101x

G                    Fsus2/G
've been the girl with her skirt pulled high

C/G                  Cm/G
Been the outcast never running with mascara

G                       Fsus2
eyes. Now I see the world as a candy store 

C/G                  Cm/G                         
With a cigarette smile, saying things you can't

G                      Fsus2/G
ignore. like Mommy I love you 

          C/G                 Cm/G          
Daddy I hate you. Brother I need you 

             G                 Fsus2       
Lover, hey "fuck you". I can see everything here 
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       C/G                      Cm/G
with my third eye Like the blue in the sky 

G =  355433 
Am7 = 577585
Bb = 688766 or Bbsus2 x13311
C =  8 10 10 9 10 10 or x35553

   G        Am7
If God is a DJ

Bb        C
Life is a dance floor
Bb                                  F          C                         G 
You take what you get and you get what you give 
Bb                                  F         C                         G 
I say don't run from yourself, man, that's no way to live 
Bb                                  F          C                         G 
I've got a record in my bag you should give it a spin 
Bb                             F                  A                       A
Lift your hands in the air so that life can begin