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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 14:05:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Absolut Keiger 

This is a kinda old song by PG (Pinhead Gunpowder) I just decided to tab
out the chords because there are no other PG songs out there
here's "Keeping Warm In The Nighttime" on Jump Salty:

Power Chords
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INTRO: A (577) E (x799)
A               E (022)
Keeping warm in the nighttime
        A                    E
burning hopes and dreams and even impossible schemes
F#                       A
seem possible anything's possible
everything seems so clear
          A         E
when your blood is pumping
   A       E
mind is scheming
      F#                   A
eyes wide open but you're still dreaming
prancing, prowling, searching for yourself
     A                     E                     A
the darkness is so comforting so beautifully intoxicating
E            F#          A                 E
daytime's stress and pettiness doesn't matter now
         AA                              E
well the night's like a church for non-believers
AA           E
it's a search for hidden treasure
F#F#            A                  E
quench your thirst with simpler pleasures, grow!

then play intro again, then next verse is the same,

Keeping warm in the nighttime
burning hopes and dreams and even impossible schemes
seems possible anything's possible
everything seems so clear
but now through the darkness
light starts seeping
dawn is coming
looming seething
and you can't stop the sun from rising
hide in the shadows but the sun's still shining down
and you can see the ugliness
breeding despair
and your dreams are all bleeding
breathing hot dry air
the silence is screaming
and it's all just bringing you down
well you're thinking you better run home to sleep
as the streets fill with creeps
and the keys that they keep
locking you out, locking you into a world
A world
that you don't wanna see

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