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Crazyhorse Chords

Crazy Horse


A		 E		
Staring with a mischevous grin
D		E	    A
Staring she Drew me in with her eyes
	E		D
And held me there with her
E		      A		  E
Everybody in the cafe laughed
	  D		   E
When I got that news, when I got back
A			E
"Good job, dude", Anandi said
D			   E	     A G E
"You just kissed Crazy Horse's girlfriend"
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A		    E
Now I'm in deep shit I said
D	 	E
I had a bag over my head
A		E
Bleaching my hair,
	D		  E
But I pulled it down A little lower
A			E
Crazy Horse is the meanest
Of the meanest, the leader
Of the lowest of the low
The St. Paul skins
With a bullet in his head
      D			    E	     A G E
And I just kissed Crazy Horse's girlfriend

A		      E
Anandi grabbed a napkin
	D     E
She drew a diagram 
A	    E
With red lipstick
D				E
This is how you'll look When he gets through
A					E
You never should have come in the first place
	D				     E
And now the boot boys are gonna rearrange your face
A			   E
"I tried to warn you", she said
D				   E	 A G E
"But now you're going back to kiss her again"