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Certain Things Chords

B		E        B			     E      B
He is good at certain things, Like making you feel guilty
		     E      B            G
And disappointing everybody, At breaking promises and plans

And talking shit behind your back, And telling you how you should live

While he goes nowhere fast

He says I only see his faults
        A      E    F#
But that's not true
                                               A E F#
I'm trying to have a positive attitude
           G                                  A
Yeah, he is good, really good
At certain things 
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		E        B                                           E        B
She is good at certain things, Like staying home watching T.V.
                                         E    B	      G
Yeah, she really does it perfectly, But that's not all, you also get

Snotty condescending comments, And she's really good at turning

A small problem Into a huge dramatic mess

F#                                         B     E       F#
These talents didn't come naturally though

It took a lot of practice
                        B    E   F#
To get them down so well
          G			     A
Now she is good, really good
At certain things 

D, G, D, G

B	                E       B			E          B
They were both really good, really good friends of mine
But people they change over time, Now they are so perfect together

I'm so glad they found each other
                                      A           B
They make such a wonderful couple