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?Folk Song?

Dedicated to Danielle James the wonder cop

Tune acoustic guitars down one ?  step
When fingering the Am, hit these bass strings

G                2                               2
D          2          2                 2              2
A    0                           0

Verse 1


I love the way u smell
             (F)	                   (Am)
You make me wanna touch the bunnies in the tree
	     (F)	          (Am)
You make me wanna get down on one knee
    (F)                      (G)
You make me wanna shout and scream
That youre the one

Verse 2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pimpin_jesus_and_his_angel_bitches/folk_song_crd.html ]

I want you to tell
           (F)              (Am)
To tell me how to win your heart
       (F)                   (Am)
Just give me a clue where to start
     (F)                     (G)
Then ill come around to your way
And ask if I can stay



(Bm)			  (C)
And if you throw my love away
    (Bm) 		   (C)
Ill just come back another day
    (Bm)                    (D)
How many times do I have to say
Ill love u always   x 4

Then fade out

Danielle x 4 (quietly)

Peace out then ma peeps

Any questions email;  jebus-mcdooflopper@excite.co.uk