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For The Love Of The Game Tab

There has been a few attempts at the intro which didn't look too sucessful, So I really
this is no skin of Pillar's teeth since I'm trying to tab this before Pillar released
thats why its just the intro, but still challenging to play as always :). I think it 
a compressor to bring out the single notes and a noise gate as per usual for Pillar. Base
on technique and listen to the track to get it right. Its drop C and goes like this..
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/p/pillar/for_the_love_of_the_game_tab_ver_2.html ]

thats correct :) I'm proud of that, don't abuse it! Its not long either so i submitted
in between my chemistry coursework xD *salutes* God bless and have fun.