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Breaking Point Tab

C                          Em G
Sad and lonely now just to be here  
C			         Em D
I say these lines to you just to be clear
C                               Em    G
Being alone right now brings me great fear
C`			  G    Em D
If I had you back I could make it right


Em	G
	Don't need any more
Em	G
	Can't take any more
Em	G	       D
	Just let me be free
Em	G
	Please don't go away
Em	G
	Please come back today
Em	G			  D
	Just spend your life with me
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C			    Em  G
No one cares if I'm sad and lonely
C			  Em D
All they everv want is to be free
C			      Em    G
Can't you see now how much it hurts me
C			   G     Em      D
Need you in my life if I'm ganna make it stand


C                    Em    G
So now I'm here by myself again
C			 Em       D
The road we travel never seems to end
C			Em    G
A lot less painful if I had a friend
C			       G Em   D
But I'm a lone in life as I've always been

Chorus: X2

C Em AAA Hard G