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Georgia Moon Chords

Found several attempts to capture this song, but none of them kept up with his many chord changes.
If you've seen him play, he seldom sits still in one position for very long.  So here's my attempt
to move often through easy chords that fit the melody and feel.

       D   A      D
'neath Antebellum mansions
          D       A           G 
Where the ancient floorboards sag 
    D       A          D      G
And Spanish moss sways gently as 
  D        G     A
A tattered Rebel flag
D              A             D
Strolling past wrought iron fences 
D           G     A
Tipped with rusty spikes
  D        A        D       G
I felt the softness of your hand 
         D     A        G
You were beautiful that night
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We walked in long shadows
Long after it was dark
Took our shoes off by the fountain down
At the city park
Your flowered dress was clinging 
And your hair was stringy wet
Oh we kissed beneath the white cascade 
I never will forget

        D    A
Georgia moon
        G           A
Hanging down like a tear
               D   A
from God's own eye
       G          A             D    A
Laying low in the bottom of the sky 
         G               A            Bm
Sneaking up on me like a thief in the night 
G                               Bm
Every time it makes me think of you 
G          A                 D
Long ago beneath the Georgia moon

In the Confederate cemetery 
A sentry stood on high 
Expressionless despite a fu-
selage of fireflies
On the graves of our grandfathers
Where the grass was long and cool
It was there we laid our blanket down 
Just like a flag of truce

On your mother's wide veranda 
We said our last goodbyes 
You were off to college by 
The red dawn's early light
Now your memory still shines on me
Part Heaven and part Hell 
Oh to reach for the roses, we 
Must feel the thorns as well

Humbly submitted by:
Rev. Joel Tolbert