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From: JoeLHiggs@aol.com
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 15:51:58 -0400

Come Home
     By Pierce Pettis
     Transcribed by Joe Higgins
     This is rough crd file of this song that I figured out for someone who
was looking for it.  I figured as long as I was e mailing it to him I may as
well send a copy to OLGA.  Pierce does this song on his fine disc, "While the
Serpent Lies Sleeping."  He uses a very controllded strum techniqu that
centers on the middle strings

Capo 2

Verses follow a 2 measure pattern /D-Em7/C -G/
D:  XX023X        Em7: XX203X     C:  X3201X
G: X2003X

I remember how you loved this holy city in the spring
Fresh flowers in the market,
Children running in the street
But it's changed so much I don't think you would
recognize a thing
Now it's just a red light district an international disgrace

G:  320033     Dsus: XX0233    C add D: X30033
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G                               Dsus
Come home......come home
                          Cadd D
You've been gone so long
Come home

Verse 2:
Papers and petitions have been piling at the door
nailed to the door
Theives break in at night they say you want be back no more
Your wife seems so lethargic, so scattered and so frail
And the child who's never known you
just stands at the wall and wails


The following section is done with two guitars.  One plays the chords
underneath while the second drones on:  XXX033 pretty
much throughout:
Yellow ribbons 'round the olive trees you planted in the
Bm                              G
Only the brave or the foolish ever walk there after dark
All around the world a table's set and there's an
empty place
Still we go through the motions breaking bread
                       C   D   C
and saying grace

But the ones you left to run your business run it right into
the ground
Each one a law into himself leading followers around
And in the babble of the street amid the jostling of the crowd
On every side like helpless sheep
It makes me want to cry out loud