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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 22:23:46 EST
From: JestrsReve 
Subject: TAB: Mike's Song by Phish

Mike's Song, by Phish

This is basically what it sounds like on Slip Stitch and Pass; they don't
vary it too much when they play it, so this should be what the song
basically sounds like. 

opening riff (played 4 times, varies a little each time; just listen to the recording. only play the first note in this riff the first time you play it. trust me, you'll get it).

 C# on the third and fourth times playing this, hit the open A in
that last little lick before the C#.  It sounds pretty cool, and Trey does
it on this recording. 

After this, Trey does a little lead work on the C# scale.  This is not
very hard and could be mimicked fairly easily.  Listen to the recording to
get ideas.  After this, the pianist plays chords, and Trey does lead work
as he sings; it is ok to play these chords on the guitar instead,
especially if two of you are playing. We'll call this the verse, ok? These
are the chords: 
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    C# C# B C#      E    F#

These may not be totally correct, I had to guess.  On the word groove Trey
slides down to an E chord.  Now the Chorus:

E   A  D  B

then the chorus again.  After the chorus, again play the C and C# after
the B, but then instead of going back into the verse, play the higher E
power chord.  After a second he goes into a little thingy where he goes
back and forth from E to D....listen to
 it, it works.  He then plays more on the E chord, does the E to D thing
again, but on the last D he goes right to the high F# power chord.  Then
the whole band goes into a funky groove on the F# scale.  And there you
have it, I hope this was clear enough.  If you have any suggestions e-mail
me at 

by Drew Best



Originally from:  and
corrected by Downtown Dave Brown Date: January 11, 2003  

Artist: Phish Song: "Sample In a Jar" Album: Hoist

A :002220  C:032010   G:320033  D:000323  
A2:007650  C2:005555   G2:355433   
D2:057777     E2:079999

(Schof26)-->I'm going to write the
chords out as open play it however you like.  I
personally like to start out with the "A2" and go from there, changing
open to barre chord where appropriate.   

   A-C-G-D A-E-Em-D(Hold or Strum 8 beats)