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Cavern Chords

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Song:   Cavern
Artist: by Phish
from A Picture of Nectar
transcribed by Drew Best

Ok...this song is actually very easy. These are the
basic chords..that is, if you aren't playing with a
keyboardist, which you probably aren't, play these.
If you do have a keyboardist to play with, then you
should try to figure out exactly what Trey does.  But
this sounds fine, trust me.

(play these chords in the intro also)

your time is near the mission's clear
        E                               E
It's later than we think
         D                      A
before you slip into the night
        E                       E
you'll want something to drink
                D                        A

Steal away before the dawn,
G                       D
and bring us back good news
        G                           B

But if you tread in primal soup
        E                        E
please wipe it from your shoes.
                D                        A

Just then a porhole pirate
scourged the evening with his cry
and sanctuary bugs deprived
a monkey of its thigh

A dust arose and blocked my nose
before I could think twice,

Despite the scut that bubbled up
I gave some last advice:
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The flesh from Satan's dogs
        D                A
will make the rudiments of gruel
                        C                  G

Deduct the carrots from your pay
E                               E
you worthless swampy fool
        D                         A

Exploding through fields and few
and swimming in the mire
the septic maiden's gargoyle tooth
demented me with fire

I drifted where the current chose
afloat upon my back

And if perchance a newt slimed by
I'd stuff it in my sack

SoonI felt a bubble form
somewhere below my skin
but with handy spine of hedgehog
I removed the force within

Suzie then removed her mask
and caused a mighty stir

the angry crowd responded
taking turns at grabbing her

The foggy cavern's musty grime
appeared within my palm

I snatched Rick's fork to scrape it off
with deadly icy calm

The crowd meanwhile had taken Sue
and used her like a rag
to mop the slime from where the slug
had slithered with the bag

In summing up, the moral        seems a little bit obscure...

Give the director a serpent deflector
E               A                D                 A
A mudrat detector, a ribbon reflector
E               A                 D                A
A cushion convector, a picture of nectar
E                       A               D                A
A virile disector, a hormone collector
E                 A         D           A

play this several times, and then say:

whatever you do, take care of your shoes!
        E               A               D           A

If you have any questions/comments/corrections, I'm at  I typed this right after I figured
it out, so it might need a little revising!