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Come Home Perry Chords


F C Am G


(Play this after you play G)
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Verse 1:
F    C                   Am              G
Perry,you know you are a boys best friend
                      F            C
Your more than just a passing trend
                            Am     G
Your like a treat from the candy store
   F    C                      Am        G
Oh Perry,we love you more than ice cream cakes
                      F              C
We love you more than bugs and snakes
                      Am                   G
We love you more than all things mentioned from before
   F   C               Am       G
Oh Perry,Your extraordinary
                      F   C
Your kinda short and hairy
                   Am  G
The color of a blueberry,Yes Perry

   F         C     Am        G          F
So come home Perry,Come home perry,Come home
Verse 2:
   F    C                    Am  G
Oh perry,I think its kinda scary
                       F   C
I can't find you any werey
                   Am   G
It fills me with dispary
    F   C               Am   G
Oh Perry,Im alergic to dairy
                       F   C
Im gonna move to the Praire
                       Am  G
And change my name to Larry
She change her name to Larry

(Chourse 2x)

Am        G          F
Come home Perry,Come home