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Let The Worshippers Arise Chords

This is my own interpretation of this song, but it has the exact lyrics. Instead
of "D" I used "C" Enjoy and comment!
                   F                  C       G           Am
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verse 1: Father I see that you are drawing a line in the sand, and I wanna 
     F               C      G          Am                 F      C
be standing on your side holding your hand. So let your kingdom come,
        G      Am              F                   G
let it live in me, this is my prayer, this is my plea. (repeat)

                             C                                 Am
Chorus: Let the worshippers arise, let the sons and daughters sing. I'm 
                F-G                      C
surrenduring my all, I surrendur to the king

Verse 2: Father I hear it growing louder, the song of your redeemed, as the
saints of every nation are awakening to sing. From our hearts there comes 
an anthem, O hear the Heavens ring, this is our song, song to our king
                         (Repeat Chorus and end)